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Binondo Food Trip (4 hours)

( 4 Hours เดินทางโดย: Road )

Binondo Food Trip
4 hours
By Road

Located across the Pasig River from the walled city of Intramuros, Binondo was formally  established in 1594, and is believed to be the oldest Chinatown in the world. It is the center of commerce and trade for all types of businesses run by FilipinoฉChinese merchants, and given the historic reach of Chinese trading in the Pacific, it has been a hub of Chinese  commerce in the Philippines since before the first Spanish colonizers arrived in the Philippines in 1521.

Before World War II, Binondo was the center of the banking and financial community in the Philippines, housing insurance companies, commercial banks and other financial institutions from Britain and the United States. These banks were located mostly along Esclta, which used to be called the "Wall Street of the Philippines".

Binondo remains a center of commerce and trade for all types of businesses run by Filipinoฉ  Chinese merchants and is famous for its diverse offerings of Chinese cuisine. Enjoy walking around the streets of Binondo, taking in Tsinoy (ChineseฉFilipino) history through various Chinese specialties from its small and cozy restaurants. Have a taste of fried Chinese Lumpia, Kuchay Empanada and Misua Guisado at Quick Snack located along Carvajal Street; Kiampong Rice and Peanut Balls at Cafจฆ Mezzanine; Kuchay Dumplings at Dong Bei Dumplings and the growing  famous Beef Kan Pan of Lan Zhou La Mien.

 0800HPick up from your hotel  Proceed to Binondo, Manila
 0820HArrive Binondo  Walking tour / visit different local restaurants and taste their specialties
 1200H Depart Binondo 1220H  Arrive at the hotel

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Frequency      - Daily  
Duration         - Four hours
Pickup Time  - 08:00 hrs & 12:00 hrs  

Suggested attire: Casual with comfortable walking shoes.


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