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Top 20 most popular attractions in the North & North East of Thailand

Top 20 most popular attractions in the North and North East of Thailand

In Thailand, There are many many places. That was taken to see just a small part (but very beautiful) I'll know that Thailand has a lot more than I thought. And also to travel to Thailand every month in.. No festival or season. So I would like to post the 20 most popular attraction in the north of Thailand 


Top 1. Pang Ung is located in Muang, Mae Hong Son

Total Thai village. Royal Village project is Pang Tong 2 (Pang Ung), the Royal Rnrci Nu Te Amp year of the Queen. Nature area is a large reservoir.


Top 2. Pai is located in Pai, Mae Hong Son

... Pai district in Mae Hong Son small. The tourists, both Thai and foreign visitors with uninterrupted quiet little river that flows through the line Pai small cottage.


Top 3. Doi Ang Khang (Ang Khang Royal Project Development Center) is located in Fang district, Chiang Mai.   

Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station (Doi Ang Khang) is the first research station of the Royal Project. Located on the hills of Sri Nao Mae Ngon, Fang District, Chiang Mai Province.


Top 4. Huai Nam Dang National Park is located in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai district.

Grand mist Huai Nam Dang National Park. District coverage Tang. Wiang Haeng. Chiang Mai and Pai, Mae Hong Son province.


Top 5. Phu Chi Fa Forest Park - is located in Phu Chi Fa Wiang Kaen, Chiang Rai.     

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park - Phu Chi Fa in the national forest reserves. Based on the right side and Mae Mae Ngao. Local Ban Rom Fa Thong. Group 9 and Ban Rom Fa Thai.



Top 6. Doi Mae Salong is located in Mae Fa Luang district, Chiang Rai.

Doi Mae Salong village is home to the peaceful Khiri. Formerly known as Ban Mae Salong Nok. Is a community of immigrants from Division 93, which migrated from Burma to Thailand in the area. Two battalion



Top 7. Doi Inthanon National Park. located in Chom Thong district, Chiang Mai.

Dan Siam highest cloud forest was originally called Doi Inthanon? Doi Luang? The word refers to the mountain of Doi Luang large.




Top 8. Wat Rong Khun. is located in Muang District, Chiang Rai

Rong Khun Wat Rong Khun km away from home. At 817-818 right. 12 km before the town, with teachers Chalermchai Bunyan Pipat Thailand's leading painters.


Top 9. Phu Kradueng Park, Leoi. Kradueng District is located in the district at all.

January 18, the peak temperature of 48 Kradueng Park today. Minimum temperature 8.2 ° cells Sierra Real Estate. Maximum temperature 22.5 ° cell Sierra Real Estate.


Top 10. Thung Bua Tong. Doi Mae U neck Khun Yuam is located in the district, Mae Hong Son.

Tung Bua Tong Doi Mae Oo Kho located Moo 6, Tambon Mae U Khun Yuam neck by Highway 108. (Mae Hong Son - Khun Yuam) prior to the district, about 1mile.



Top 11. Phu Thap Boek. Located in Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park.

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. Former battlefield in the fight over the issue with Phu Phu Lom Lo, which is the highest mountain in the park.



Top 12. Doi Suthep - Pui National Park is in the area of Amphoe Mae Rim, Amphoe Hang Dong and Amphoe Muang,

Doi Suthep - Pui National Park is covering 262.5 square kilometers. Doi Suthep - Pui National Park is noted for its dense forests and watershed areas and is blessed with the most beautiful environment housing important places of historical and religious  interest.


Top 13. Wiang Kum Kam. is located in Muang District, Chiang Mai

Wiang Kum Kam the ancient city Paya Mangrai. (Pho Khun Mengrai) Whereas his. To build up at Year 1829 has Khu Wiang are4 to edit the Ping River was locked up in the moat.


Top 14. Doi Tung - Mae Fah Luang Garden. is located in Mae Fa Luang district, Chiang Rai.

Mae Fah Luang Garden. Located in front of Doi Tung Royal Villa was built in 2535 with an area of about 10 rai. Nanapan a garden flower. Cold city with flowers.


Top 15. Doi Chiang Dao. is located in Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai.

Doi Chiang Dao in the area of Doi Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. Chiang Dao. Highest peak of Doi Chiang Dao Doi Luang Chiang Da called that.


Top 16. Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. Kha district is located in Lampang Province.

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. Lampang temple is invaluable since ancient times. According to legend, said to have come since the Queen Chamadevi.Around the late 20th century. Wat Mai is the most complete.

Top 17. Tham Kaeo Komon. located in Mae La Noi district, Mae Hong Son.

Tham Kaeo Komon in Tambon Mae La Noi. Mae La Noi District. Mae Hong Son province. In the National Forest Reserve Mae Yuam left An area of 51.26 rai.


Top 18. Phu mud is located in Muang, Mae Hong Son

Phu mud deep below the earth soil. With mysterious underground lake. Real line is a valuable mineral that the human searchAnd mud sediments were contaminated with the geothermal water. Help restore physical strength and flexibility yard.


Top 19. Housing love independent located in Muang District, Mae Hong Son

Rak Tai village (Mae), located away from the T. Mok Cham Pae, Mae Hong Son town about 44 kilometers. Pass through the waterfall up the hill to the paved mat.

Top 20. Nong Bua Rawe Park , Sai Thong National Park  located in Nong Bua Rawe district, Chaiyaphum province.

Krajeaw is a valuable crop of which Chaiyaphum people are proud. The giant fields of flowers attract many tourists to the province, to be regaled with the fresh, bright fields full of colourful, beautiful blooms.

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