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Tourism Malaysia wins Social Media Excellence Award

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Tourism Malaysia is pleased to announce that it was recently awarded the Social Media Excellence Award for Social Media Engagement in Tourism at the World Bloggers and Social Media Awards 2015.
The award was given in recognition of its engagement with social media with regards to the tourism industry, and was selected based on its involvement in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by a panel of judges and committee members.
A panel of judges presided over 25 categories for the corporate section, which included categories such as Social Media Engagement, Telecommunications, Social Media Campaign, and many others.

The award ceremony highlighted, recognized and rewarded organisations on their active roles in promoting social media to the masses through various channels available on the new media scene.
The event, jointly organised by My Events International and the Malaysia Social Media Chambers (SMC), was held at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur on 22 April.
To date, Tourism Malaysias Facebook pages (Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia and Malaysia Truly Asia) have more than 2 million likes, while its Twitter and Instagram account together have more than 200,000 followers. Its YouTube Brand Channel has had more than 29 million lifetime views.

Published  :   20-05-15
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