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Day 01 (Sunday) Jakarta – Arrival

Upon arrival at the airport you will be met by one of our experience guide in the arrivals hall and privately transferred to your hotel.

Overnight in Jakarta



Meet with our experience guide in the arrivals hall, and then go for Jakarta city tour for visiting Sunda Kelapa Harbor as a first destination. Arrive at Sunda Kelapa Harbor and you will see the ranks of Phinisi boats anchored at the 500-year-old harbor area. Afterward, we will transfer to the Old city of Jakarta and visit Fatahillah Museum as starting point of old city walk tour. Your journey in the old city will start from the Museum of Fatahilah, the museum was built in 1707-1712 by order of Governor-General Joan van Hoorn. It consists of a main building with two wings in the east and west and a separate building used as an office, courtroom, and underground chambers used as a prison. After Museum Fatahilah you will walk to Jembatan Kota Intan (Intan City Bridge) which has stood since 1628 and can be regarded as the oldest bridge in Indonesia. During a trip to the Jembatan Kota Intan you will pass many historical buildings such as Bank Mandiri Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum and Toko Merah. Arrive at Jembatan kota Intan and you will get explanation from our guide about this historical place. After question and answer session, we will short walk to parking area to catch the car, and then drive to National Museum as the last destination before your hotel transfer. The National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia or the Elephant Museum is the first and largest museum in Southeast Asia. National Museum collects many ancient objects from all over the archipelago. The collections are categorized into ethnography, bronze, prehistory, ceramics, textiles, numismatics, historical relics, and precious objects. After the great experience at National Museum, transfer to the selected hotel for your accommodation.

Day 02 (Monday) Jakarta – Subang – Bandung

Depart by air conditioned coach to Bandung via Subang and visit the tea plantation around Ciater area. Arrive at Ciater Tea Plantation and you will be greeted with fresh air and the stretch of tea tree around you. Here you will meet the local guide who will guide you during the tea walk and they will explain the Tea processing starting from the selection of quality leaves, the way of picking up and the process of drying the tea leaves. Afterward, we will continue with 30 minutes drive to Mount Tangkuban Perahu. This volcano is the place you should visit when you at the northern Bandung area. From the uphill we will see the huge crater namely “Kawah Ratu”, enjoy the splendid panoramic scenery from the view point and you can buy some souvenir from the souvenir stall nearby the view of point. Back to parking area and then continue the program with direct transfer to Bandung city center.

Overnight in Bandung

Day 03 (Tuesday) Bandung

Meet with our experience guide at the hotel lobby, then we go to point of 0 Kilometer Bandung which is on Asia Afrika Street to do Bandung city walk. At the point of 0 kilometers you will see a sign of 0 Kilometer of Bandung and behind it there is an old locomotive background that people use to take pictures. In addition there are also Savoy Homan hotels that were once encountered by many world leaders such as prime ministers of Burma (U Nu) and Indian Leader (Jawaharlal Nehru) while attending Asia Africa Conference at Gedung Merdeka. We will walk towards Gedung Merdeka from Savoy Homan and doing historical walk like the world leader when attending the Conference. Arriving at the Gedung Merdeka, we will be guided by a local guide and will be invited to walk around the entire building. After tour at Gedung Merdeka, we will cross the road to the Great Mosque of Bandung. The mosque was first built in 1810, and has eight times renovation until 2003. The final destination of this trip is a Warung Purnama that has been established since 1930. In here you will get 1 choice of refreshment. After enjoy the refreshment, we will go to the Cupumanik puppet gallery to see the making of Golek Puppet. Cupumanik Wayang Golek is a gallery and workshop for making puppet show. There also available various kinds of west java such as angklung, gamelan, souvenir for wedding, wicker bag, batik slippers and many more.

Overnight in Bandung



Saung Angklung Mang Udjo ~ If you are interested in traditional arts, the art performances at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo is an opportunity you should not miss when visiting Bandung. Saung Angklung Udjo is one–stop cultural workshop, consists of: performance venue, bamboo handicraft centre, and bamboo instrument workshop. Apart from that, SAU has an honorable function as an educational laboratory and training centre to preserve the Sundanese culture – Angklung in particular. The udjo angklung show will start with performances from the children trained by the studio. They will show their ability to play puppet show, angklung, dancing, singing and playing traditional instruments. At the end of the show, the audience will be lent an angklung and we will play along with the direction of the music arranger and made songs that maybe you’ll ever hear.

Day 04 (Wednesday) Bandung – Jogjakarta (by train)

After breakfast we will transfer you to Bandung Train Station for your transport to Jogjakarta with Argo Wilis (08.30 – 15.52). Along the rail, you can enjoy beautiful scenery local plantation, rice field, mountain and river. Upon arrival in Jogjakarta, then transfer to hotel in Jogjakarta.

Overnight in Jogjakarta



Dinner performance at Purawisata ~ At the appropriated time, guests will be picked up by our guide to enjoy dinner followed by Ramayana dance performance in Purawisata. You will be picked up using the car to the place where Becak (local transportation) gathered, then continue the trip to Purawisata using Becak. Arrive at Gazebo garden Restaurant OR Shinta Garden Restaurant, you will be served a delicious buffet dinner with traditional menu’s. While enjoying Dinner, you will be accompanied by Javanese Gamelan and will be entertained by Traditional Java Dance. After dinner, you will be invited to Baruga mandira building (AKA Purawisata) to enjoy Ramayana dance who has held the record for every-night stage without ever being off for more than 40 years. After watching the Ramayana Ballet, you are also free to take pictures with the dancers figure Ramayana.


Day 05 (Thursday) Jogjakarta

Breakfast then Meet with our experience guide at the hotel lobby, then we drive to Keraton (Palace) Jogjakarta. The visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of the kraton in former times by visiting the life-size diorama of wedding ceremonies on the palace meeting hall, performed by puppets, which are intentionally arranged to create such an atmosphere. Sets of Javanese musical instruments, antiques and heirlooms have made the palace of Yogyakarta worth to visit. Many sets of gamelan music instruments, antiques, and heirlooms make the palace of Yogyakarta the most interesting tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. The palace of Ngayogyokarto Hadiningrat is now the dwelling place of Sultan Hamengku Buwono X and the family. Our next destination is visiting Prambanan Temple. Prambanan is a UNESCO world heritage site. The 9th century Hindu temple is dedicated to the Trimurti, the expression of God as Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The Preserver) and Shiva (The Destroyer). During this program you will accompany by the local guide, you can ask and learning the history of the magnificent temple from the guide. Afterward, drives to Borobudur temple. Similar to Prambanan Temple, Borobudur is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The ancient temple is also the single largest Buddhist structure on Earth, and with a beautiful backdrop of Indonesian mountains, it is any landscape photographers’ dream. Local guide will accompany you to explore every corner of Borobudur temple and you are free to ask them anything about Borobudur. Afterward, back to hotel in Jogjakarta for your accommodation.

Overnight in Jogjakarta

Day 06 (Friday) Jogjakarta – Jombang – Malang

Breakfast at the hotel, Transfer to Train station of Jogjakarta Train Station then do train excursion with Sancaka Train to Jombang (06.45 – 10.31). Upon arrival in Jombang then transfer to Trowulan village as the site of 15th AD’s last Hindu Kingdom in Indonesia as well as the greatest empire Indonesia ever had, Majapahit kingdom. In the archaeological site of Truwolan lies a museum which holds numerous statues and artifacts which were discovered in the site, the museum is recommended as the first stop for any visit to Trowulan because it also functions as a kind of information desk on the Trowulan archaeological sites. After the museum, we will visit the archaeological sites and small temples scattered in trowulan such as Candi Bajang Ratu and Candi Tikus. After tour in Trowulan, drive to Malang for your next accommodation.

Overnight in Malang

Day 07 (Saturday) Malang – Bromo – Kalibaru

Check out from hotel at 5 a.m. and the guest will get a breakfast box from the hotel. From the city of Malang, we will drive to Cemoro Lawang Village as the starting point for our tour at Mount Bromo. Upon arrival at Cemoro Lawang, we will change the vehicle to 4WD Jeep and the adventure will begin. First we will go to view point to see Mount Bromo from a distance and we advise you to take lots of photos from this place. After that, we will descend to the desert to experience the thrill of driving in the middle of a stretch of sand. Our jeep will stop at the jeep parking and proceed on foot towards the Bromo crater. After the excursion, drive to to Kalibaru via the cities of Probolinggo, Jember and Jatiroto. At noon arrive at the hotel in Kalibaru, continue with a stroll to visit a nearby village to see coffee and cocoa plantations.

Overnight in Kalibaru.

Day 08 (Sunday) Kalibaru – Bali

Breakfast at the hotel, and then morning excursion in plantation of Kalibaru. Various crops will be seen here and our experienced local guides will explain about the plants during the tour in Margo Utomo plantation. Vanilla, coffee, coconut, snake-fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, rubber tree, cocoa etc. are the variety of crops which you may not have known better before taking this trips tour. Our Dairy farm with around 80 cows which are milked by hand every morning at 07:00 am and evening at 07:00 pm Brown-sugar processing from sap of undeveloped coconut flowers (afternoon), and butterfly’s aviary are adding to the beauty of this tour . It is a worthwhile and wonderful tour suggested to be taken to deepen your knowledge of tropical plants and its products. This knowledge will be part of your memorable journey in Kalibaru. After plantation tour, we will drive to Ketapang harbour, and then cross the Straits of Bali by public ferry. Arrived at Bali and then we will transfer you to hotel at South Bali.

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